Brand New Warped albums!

First, let me say I LOVE Music Direct.  They have always provided me with good service, very quick shipping and very high quality products.  I will be a forever customer.  I received 4 albums for Christmas that I ordered.  I received Pink Floyd "Obscured By Clouds & "Meddle" and also Led Zeppelin 2 and 4.  All but one of the albums were warped.  I contacted MD and they arranged 3 new albums to be sent to me and I returned the old ones at no charge to me.  All 3 of the new ones were warped but I decided to live with it.

Last weekend I ordered 4 more albums from MD, Yes "Fragile" & "The Yes Album Box set recorded at 45rpm.  I also received Stand Up by Jethro Tull & DSOTM by Pink Floyd.  The packaging was more than perfect.  Excitedly, I opened and played the first record from The Yes Album box set and the record is severely warped.  It is so warped that the tonearm looks like it's going to fly off the record!.  I haven't played the other records yet and will probably play them on Saturday.  I did not write this to bash MD as I know they will do right by me but I am concerned about receiving so many warped records.  What I would like to know is this the new normal?  I can't believe I just have bad luck.  All of the records were 180gram vinyl.

I would like to hear from others who have ordered from MD and if your records arrived warped.  Again, let me be perfectly clear....I am not blaming MD as they just ship out the records which they receive from their distributor and have no way of knowing if the records are warped or not and they always make good on anything the customer finds unsatisfactory.  Am I being too picky?
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I buy records from multiple sources and have seen a number of warped records.  I had two copies of Amused to Death show up warped before I finally got a flat one. 

I had a seller tell me this when both discs of my Weezer red album showed up warped.  "'s pretty common these days for new vinyl to have a slight warp. They make stuff so fast and so much, it's just the way it is. I can't tell you the last new record that I got that didn't have a slight warp. It's not going to affect anything. "

It goes without saying that will be my last purchase from that seller.  The other sellers I've bought from have been good about sending replacements and paying for return shipping.

This is a little off topic, but I just ordered an Analogue Productions Rickie Lee Jones - It's Like This from MD and played it for the first time last night.  It was flat, but had more ticks and pops than a lot of used records I buy.  There seem to be a lot of quality issues with new vinyl in general.
It's not just MD.  I purchased two new Dianna Krall "pressed at RTI 180g 45 RPM audiophile" album sets at the DC Audio Show this summer from Elusive Disc.  One Diana Krall/Live In Paris record had a nasty skip on one side.  I had to pay return shipping.  The replacement record was warped.  I called ED, and while their written policy is the customer pays return shipping, they agreed to pay return shipping "this one time."  I don't blame ED for these problems, but I'm not sure if I'll buy from them again.  When I pay ~$50 for an album, I expect it to be in "perfect" condition - and if its not, I don't think I should have to pay return shipping.      

On a positive note, I ordered four Gregory Porter 180g albums from Amazon.  All of them were (are) in excellent condition.  No quality issues whatsoever and they sound fantastic.  
I played the second record from the Yes box set and it was perfect, perfectly flat and sounded amazing.  The reissue DSOTM I opened today from that order was also perfectly flat and was wonderful.  I have 2 more new records to play from that order, will do it tomorrow or Monday.  I wonder if MD would just take back The first record of the Yes Box Set?  It would make my life easier.  I guess it won't hurt to ask.
I recieved 2 Primus albums last week with no issue of warpage from Musicdirect. 
I sent the box set back and they replaced it.  The new one was fine. I just received 6 more records from them last week but I am under the weather so I haven’t opened them yet.  I haven’t played the stereo since my illness as I have a continued splitting headache and music will just make it worse.  I hope to get to them in the next week.   My wife has been absolutely wonderful taking care of me.