Brand New Vinyl Static and Pops

Nothing major, but annoying.

Could it be because I was spinning old dirty vinyl which made the platter dirty/dusty?

I'm about to buy the humminguru. Does anything go well with it?




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  • $1.8k DS Audio ION-001

Since you got different results with different vinyl LPs, makes me wonder if different vinyl has unique static electricity.  

Kennyc, Magnetism and static electric charge are two different things, even though static chargecan make two things that are charged with opposite polarity (positive on one and negative on the other) cling together.  The point being that it is quite controversial whether LPs ever need to be demagnetized, whereas no one doubts they often become electrostatically charged up. A "demagnetizer" designed to work on LPs will do nothing, zero, nada for static electric charge.