Brand New Vinyl Static and Pops

Nothing major, but annoying.

Could it be because I was spinning old dirty vinyl which made the platter dirty/dusty?

I'm about to buy the humminguru. Does anything go well with it?



I have a cantate domino album I never thought using my destat furutect would eliminate 80% of the clicks and  pops. I thought it was defective.Indeed the furutech works.Now I need to clean the album to remove the rest of the clicks and pops,thanks

Look, jj, even clean records can have static. Two separate issues.

Cleaning is the biggest benefit.

After that, deal with static. The best way known to mankind is, sadly (one does not like to support a company selling fake junk), the Furutech Destat III. All the same, do not save up for this until you can get your disks clean. There are cheaper ways of reducing static (Zerostat, brushes etc) but they don't work as well.


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Since you got different results with different vinyl LPs, makes me wonder if different vinyl has unique static electricity.