Brand New Vinyl Static and Pops

Nothing major, but annoying.

Could it be because I was spinning old dirty vinyl which made the platter dirty/dusty?

I'm about to buy the humminguru. Does anything go well with it?



I wish I were a magical King Midas with the ability to summon every musician I have a hankering to hear to my listening room. The closest I seem to be able to get to this, though, is my stereo. I guess it'll just have to do.

I wouldn't argue that from a perfectionist point of view it is not a good idea to clean "new" LPs, but I do play new LPs right out of the jacket without cleaning them, very often, and I cannot recall a problem due to dirt (ticks and pops).  Sure, some are warped and some are off center and some are both warped and off center, but not dirty enough to cause mistracking or ticks/pops.  Just my personal experience.

@lewm I noted lots of modern pressings aren't that quiet and sometimes reveal surface noise and even deep warps.


I often find new records that are dirty right out the jacket especially if they have paper sleeves. Always clean a new record as most have a film on them that cleaning will remove. Never blow the visible debris off your record with air from your mouth as this will leave minute particles of moisture that will harden and cause problems. And do not forget to keep your turntable platter or mat clean so that dust or debris is not transferred to your records especially if you use a record clamp.

New vinyl is a crapshoot. That makes me buy CDs but mainly stream on Qobuz. Only bought two vinyl this year. By now I would have bought at least 20 in previous years. Nothing like moving on up with the times.