Brand New Vinyl Static and Pops

Nothing major, but annoying.

Could it be because I was spinning old dirty vinyl which made the platter dirty/dusty?

I'm about to buy the humminguru. Does anything go well with it?



I have, but i'm using the brush that came with the cartridge.

Should I buy one with liquid?


I just opened a brand new virgin/unopened LP and there's no static/pops...

What do you think?

I never play NEW LPs w/o/cleaning them. I pull ultrasonic cleaned records & put them rite into a new MoFi sleave & when I pull them out to play, there’s dust from the air adheres rite to them. I just run the anti-static brush to them, before I drop the needle.

An anti-static gun is almost a must-have for LP owners. Just dusting the LP with a brush can create a static charge. The Milty Zerostat is acceptable, but the Furutech DeStat III is imo better. Not cheap, however.