Brand new Lyra Delos - skewed cantilever

Hi everybody, first of all thanks for the very insightful tips I've been able to gather over years of thread reading.

Today I am finally starting my own thread to ask a question about a brand new Lyra Delos I received this week. This is my first ever cart over 1K and I was expecting something amazing.

Well, the sound is indeed amazing! Even though after 2h30 of cart usage I am still struggling to find some meat to the bones. Sound is VERY precise but I expect it to become even better as hours go by.

However, as soon as I started aligning the cart I found the cantilever went slightly to the left. I have asked my dealer about this and he said it was nothing to worry about but I was hoping to get somebody's opinion on the forum, maybe even Jonathan Carr's. I have included photos.

Thanks a lot for your help everyone!

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5


I am not sure I understand your hypothesis to explain the skipping of two LPs that apparently still exhibit skipping, but I am gratified to know you found a problem that certainly could cause skipping, and other unpleasant effects. If it makes you feel better that problem with the height of the queuing device is not uncommon. It occasionally happens to the best of us.

Hi @anthos314 : Thank you for your photos dated 06-21. In my opinion they show a worrisome level of dust; the heightened distribution of dust closer to the LP surface indicates that this dust comes from the LPs being played rather than a generally dusty environment.

If this is truly what your Delos looks like after a scant 20 hours, there is a chance that you may experience longer-term problems, including mistracking, shortened stylus life, and eventual constriction of the cantilever's motion as dust builds up inside the cartridge's inner workings (your photos show that dust is already accumulating inside the cantilever exit hole).

I therefore recommend that you strengthen your record cleaning regime, either with a liquid-based or ultrasonic record cleaning machine.

But the stylus should also be kept clean. Normally I would recommend a water-based stylus cleaner, but with the photographed level of dust deposition, there is a risk that water may cause some of the dust to solidify into a mud-like substance, which could be very challenging to remove without damaging the cantilever.

Regarding stylus cleaning in your particular circumstance, I therefore suggest dry-cleaning the front of the Delos' red magnet carrier and the rear section of the cantilever (close to the cantilever exit hole) gently with a small paint-brush with very soft bristles, trying to flick the dust away from the cantilever exit hole.
Once the red magnet carrier and rear section of the cantilever look clean, work your way forward on the cantilever until you reach the stylus (again dry cleaning only, very gentle motions with a small paint-brush that has very soft bristles).
Once the cantilever looks completely clean, only then would I suggest using a water-based stylus cleaner (such as Lyra SPT), but use it very sparingly so that only the stylus gets wet; try to avoid getting any liquid on the cantilever.

Unless something significant can be done about the dust deposition, you may find that your Delos needs a mid-life thorough cleaning. If it starts to sound like the performance is clearly "off", likewise for the tracking, send it back to us and we will do our best to restore it to proper working order.

If you suspect that something is not right, you could also email us updated photos of the front of the Delos (like your photos from 06-21) so that we can notify you if there are any warning signs.

kind regards, jonathan

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay but I was burglared so had to spend much time at the police station. Fortunately not much was stolen, even though they tore the cover for my Beatles in Mono box set, the b*st*rds!!! 

Thanks a lot for all your advice, I do not have an ultrasound RCM but will definitely be on the lookout for one.

I have used the soft brush provided with the old Hana SL and the stylus looks much better.

Hi everybody, just a small update after all this time.

I haven't bought an ultrasound machine but I did buy the Lyra cleaning fluid, and it works wonders.

The two skipping records I managed to fix myself, and I have had no further skipping problems.

The cart is now 63 hours old and it has a fairly flat frequency response, despite the exuberant highs. I am slowly waiting for it to have a tiny bit more body, I have heard it gets better after 100 hours.

Thank you everyone for your help, this cart is a keeper!