Brahm's g- minor piano quartet

at a loss here. as I don't like the amadeus, perhia, pollini , quartetto italiano, nor the ax ma stern laredo set. Help! Open to historical, or live performances too.
The Les Musiciens recording on Harmonia Mundi HM 1062 (LP) may be just what you need, in that case.
Beaux Arts Trio with Walter Trampler on Philips.
The best way to buy it is a budget 2 CD set that also includes the C minor and A major Piano Quartets.
It also has an unknown Trio attributed to Brahms.
Lists for only $19.99

The Philips 2 CD set is number 454 017-2
There's a historical version with Serkin & Busch on EMI (reference). You might like it.
Try the Guarneri Quartet with Arthur Rubinstein - fantastic!
(RCA 9026-63065-2
Or the Beaux Arts (Philips 454017-2) likewise GREAT!
Or DOMUS: Krysia Osostowicz,vi; Timothy Boulton,va; Richard Lester,vcl; Susan Tomes,p;
Good luck!
Other than Perahia, and the Amadeus Quartet; there is also an older one with Amadeus and pianist Emil Giles.
Gilels with Beethoven vs Budapest S.Q. vs the new recording on EMI (1-7-03) Vogt, Heimbach Chamber Music. The Vogt was recorded well and playing good, but too conservative for Butxers taste, I'm sure. Onto the Beethoven S.Q. with Gilels. the great Emils Gilels has a poetic touch and his piano has a beautiful tone to it, and the Beethoven Stings play well, the sound quality is poor due, like 1950's. But the pianist on the Budapest recording out plays Gelils in the 3rd movement opening, and not by alittle. And that most difficult passage to pull off right, in the opening 2nd movement, the Budapest takes slow vs the other 2, but definetly better's the other's faster attempt. Sound is poor on the Budapest (Bridge lable) due as well to year recorded, in the 50's. String sound on the recording is not near as good as the Vogt (EMI). But knowing Buxter, he's after performance vs sound quality.
oh, is it the one with arthur balsam??? I don't know that one. yes, performance all the way.
Sugarbrie, does Trampler wake the Beaux Arts a little bit compared to their trio recordings? (I don't mean to demean the Beaux Arts, but have found them a little sleepy in the past when they are on their own... even in live performance. For example, my favorite recording with them is the Schumann Pno. Quartet with Sam Rhodes. I find Trampler often a wonderful chamber musician in older recordings i.e. Budapest Mozart viola quintets)
You sure know your chamber music, yes Arthur Balsam. But like I say, I'm not happy with the very-difficult-to-pull-off opening to the 2nd movement. But better than the other 2 I've heard. Big turn off. Its like the Debussy/Ravel Quartets, if I hear too many "slips" at important junctures, I give up on it. As well the recording is poor, so holds back the overall performance. You may get a better sound on it with your system. You may want to wait a few more years til some new recording comes along.
thanks tweekerman, actually, that's the one that I need that I totally forgot about. Believe it or not, I actually like those live Bridge recordings. I heard the samples at their site... It's definitely my cup of tea. I actually think that it is Balsam at his best, whereas on other sonata recordings (he is best known as a top flight "accompanist") I find him a bit wooden and static.
I think the main probolem about these piano quartets are that they are so damn difficult and complex. Very hard to pull off.
Absolutely, you called it right on the difficulty on getting this composition to really dance. Every recording I've mentioned has some awkward moments. And your intuition is correct about this Bridge recording, the fiery piano part in the opening 3rd movement is taken much better by Balsam than the legendary Gilels, though the tone of Gilels piano is much better than Balsam's, and Gilels does have some a nice touch in other parts. You are like me, in that recording quality takes second place vs the more important performance of the artists.
have u heard the staier mozart yet?
No, not sure which recording, you're speaking of?? Are you recommending something here?
yes, the andreas staier, concerto koln mozart concertos, #'s
9 and 17 on teldec. I thought it was you who didn't think a pianist also conducting wouldn't be successful. I'm telling you, this recording is astounding. I'm not as crazy about their recording of the #18 and 19.
I got the proarte and rubinstein Brahms g minor tonite, i think the budapests and balsam are most to my taste in this piece.
Check out Domus' recordings of the Brahms piano quartets. Domus was an English group which has since "regrouped" as a piano trio. Their recordings of the Schubert trios (on Hyperion) are also incredible, both performance and recording wise.