Bragging rights.....

I recently conducted an experiment and ended up moving from a very good sounding system consisting of separate components that I carefully assembled over time to a "future fi" system. Only part of the  phono rig, old speakers, their setup within the rooms, and speaker wires remain.

A Cambridge Evo 150 all-in-one replaced 9 different components including interconnect wires. I held onto all the old stuff until I reached the point where I was convinced they were no longer needed and recently have started to sell some of it to others.

The new streamlined system sounds really good! I’m not missing all that older stuff nor the work that went into assembling a good sounding system myself. ALso the flexibility to listen to music in many ways utilizing many different sources as desired is incredible!

So I think I lose some bragging rights.... it was easy to buy that one unit, hook it up, and deliver the good sound I always crave. Anybody could do it!

Also I think I no longer would lay any claim to being an "audiophile" anymore having made things so relatively simple. I will call myself an "audio enthusiast" now, however I still will always want to keep an eye on what else is out there...especially the latest and greatest innovative applications of technology that might still move things forward. "Future Fi" is the term I have read that seems to describe these kinds of transformative products these days.




Congrats! I’ve done something similar with a new integrated that includes a great phono stage and dac.

I question how much better separates are than integrateds these days.

Enjoy your system. I do.

I've got a lot of separates and I'm not ready to part with them, but I recently bought a used Hegel H160 for my office and added one component, blue sound node for streaming and really, really like what it produces. While the streamer is separate everything else is in the Hegel: DAC, preamp and amp. I love the "clean" look without all the cables and really don't feel that I give up much if anything in sound quality.

As I grow into a much older version of myself, I can easily imagine unloading all the separates and going all in one; good feng shui as well!


Congratulations @mapman!

Late last year, I bought my first integrated amp ever and could not be happier. I do still have a separate DAC and streamer because the DAC and streaming functions on the Hegel can be improved on.

It would be hard to beat a NAD M33 for all in one convenience and sound quality.  Not cheap but not expensive either, certainly worth the money!