Brad Mehldau

I heard this guy for the first time in my car on the radio last week. I'm kicking myself because I had a chance to see him at the Montreal Jazz Fest last year. At first I thought it was some late 70's Herbie Hancock. They played his trio's version of the Beatle's, 'She's Leaving Home' and it was awesome. Can anyone who might like this jazz artist recommend some of his music? I'm very interested.
I first discovered Brad Mehdau around 14 years ago and I automatically buy everything he does. Absolutely love the Brad Mehdau Trio albums. Start out buying the Art Of The Trio albums and go from there.
Bob Parlocha plays his stuff every now and then and it is always nice.
Agree with Goldmanjay -- start with the 'Art of The Trio' cycle. "Largo", "Trio Live" and "Live At Marciac" are also excellent. He tours extensively, so take the opportunity to hear him live.
Art of the Trio was just released as a deluxe set by Nonesuch, comprising 5-6 prev releases plus extras. Sure it's all good. My fave studio album is "Largo" which is a collaboration with producer Jon Brion relating to their association with LA's Club Largo though its not a live club set. My favorite piece my BM is an extended cover of the late Elliott Smith's tune "Independence Day" though he has never recorded it as far as I can tell. Also, I like the Metheny collaboration. Not a big fan of the early solo piano stuff. Now I need to find his stuff on vinyl...
He also plays on 'The Bright Mississippi' by Allen Toussaint. This is an excellent CD.
"Introducing Brad Mehldau", his very first release (1995). Already an indication of this artist virtuosity.
his 2010 release, HIGHWAY RIDER, is awfully good . . . 2 disc set, reunites him w/Largo producer Jon Brion . . . we lucked out about 8-10 yrs ago, seeing Brion and Largo (the club). after the main show, Brion announced a friend would be joining him for some improv stuff, and it was Mehldau. I barely knew the name at that point.
Truly one of the most astonishing musicians of this generation. I like his Radiohead covers...
My favorite Mehldau's album is HIGHWAY RIDER. I've listened to several albums of his, but this one is the most original and intriguing.
Sounds like great information. I pulled the trigger on 'Live at Marciac' right after I posted this thread and it arrived today. Unfortunately I'm on-call and busy so I might wait until Friday night to spin it. I'll be pursuing 'The Art of the Trio' releases soon.
I found him last year (he wasn't even lost) I have most of his stuff, and love it all. Isn't (or wasn't) he Carnegie Hall's "Artist in Residence?" In any case...great.
IMO, one of his finest performances, ever, was on Michael Brecker's last recording; 'Pilgrimage'.
The Metheny collaborations introduced me to him, fantastic player.
I haven't really found a Brad Mehldau i haven't liked. The art of the trio are among my favorites.

I wish he had more hi rez, sacd or vinyl...I've only found 1 hi rez...
Seems like hehas a huge tour underway,coming to the states in April.
Never heard of him,but he tours with Joshua Redmond who is one of my favorite sax players. Check out Josh's CDs , they are awesome!
He was touring with Redman last year as well, and I had the chance to see them at the Montreal Jazz Fest (highly recommended) but only had two nights and had tickets to see Milton Nascimento which is my favorite Brazilian musician. I saw Milton second row center and he's not in the greatest of health so I'm glad I made that choice. I'll see Brad one day soon. If you've never been to the Montreal Jazz Festival I suggest you check it out. It's amazing. Way better than any jazz fest in the U.S. It draws well over a million people but the way it's laid out makes it enjoyable and not a pain in the neck. It's safe and there's not a bunch of whacked out people so you can bring your kids and have a great time.
Great technically but too precious.Saw him and he hadf state enough to close with non-jazz tune Nick Drake's "Riverman".But like Wynton (as solo man) technique and not make up for lack of soul.
I can't yet hear it myself. I've tried, but for whatever reason, Mehldau doesn't hit me where I live.
So to sum up: Some of us like Mehldau a lot, some less so, and some not at all.
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