BPT 3.5 Signature Plus VS PS Audio Power P Premier


Has anyone done a shootout between these two conditioners? I have the PPP and wonder if the extra $ for the BPT 3.5 is a good investment.

Having 1/2 of the equation coupled with not too technical aberrations or listening methods regarding comparative analysis,I would hazard a positive outcome for your BPT venture,best of luck in the worst of times,cheers,Bob
I have owned both. In my case, the BPT transformer hummed loudly, so the PPP was the winner. This does not hold true for the P1000 I owned prior to the PPP, which was junk.
I've had the BPT 3.5 for about 2 years now. Absolutely quite with no hum issues. I like the sound of this conditioner so much that I got an extension BPT power strip and hooked my 110 watt per channel tube amps into it as well (rather than into the PS Audio Ultimate Outlets).

To my ears, the BPT cleans up the sound and widens the soundstage. The treble in particular seems to benefit in extension.