BPT 3.5 Signature and aftermarket ac cords:

I have been trying out the new BPT 3.5 Signature balanced power conditioner over the past week here in my system, and was wondering if anyone has had good results with other ac cords to the wall with this unit. I had been using a Hydra with an Elrod EPS3 to the wall for a couple of years with great results, and was wondering if others may have tried cords that they preferred over the (nice quality) stock cord. The 3.5 Sig. is showing some promise so far, just 6 days into the suggested 2 week break-in period, but I noticed that with the stock cord, the 3.5 is not quite as "airy" and wide with the soundstage as my Hydra/Elrod combo. I observed that the Elrod cable (with the NEMA twist-lock end) gives me a much better soundstage with my Hydra than the stock cord, and better transient attack as well. The 3.5 uses a 20 amp IEC connector with it's cord, and I did not want to
re-terminate my Elrod cord for it without getting some thoughts on the matter first...any comments/ suggestions?
I too have the BPT 3.5 Signature. Make sure you give it the full 2 weeks for full break in, although I would say it will be 90% there after 10 days or so.

I have been curious of the same question, and I think I remember seeing something from Chris on his website. www.b-p-t.com and I think it is under "tips" and he names a few power cords for further improvement.

I would have tried already, but as you state it requires a 20 amp IEC. If you decide to try anything let me know. Perhaps I will give Chris @ BPT a call myself.

Good luck & keep us posted.
I got a BPT 2.5 Ultra a year and a half ago and it came with their standard C7 20 amp IEC cord...I understand the BPT L9 cord is better than the C7...while auditioning another piece, I tried an Elrod EPS3 Signature on the BPT...that's the answer for me
Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I have also received some other e-mails directly from members who were very satisfied with the Elrod EPS3 in place of the stock L9 cord on their 3.5 Signatures. I will be sending mine off this week for re-termination, and will keep you all informed
of what it does for me once it returns.
Well, the EPS-3 has returned from re-termination, and it has broken in for just over a week now... It certainly sounds a lot different than the stock cord for the BPT 3.5 Sig. It does provide a more open and up front presentation, as well as more ambience in the room. It also has a bit more extension on the highs, and a "faster" sound. The bass and lower midrange with the stock cord has more weight, but that was not lacking with my setup. I could see where either cord might work out well for other systems, depending upon presentation preferences. The 3.5 Signature
has been a real eye-opener after it has settled in for a few weeks. It is revealing quite a bit more detail than I have heard with other conditioners at this point....Sounds great!