BPT 3.5 Sig. owner, what cords have you tried?

Would like input if you have tried aftermarket cords on this conditioner. What brand and what improvement gain did you hear?
Using an Elrod Statement with excellent results - great bass and weight to the sound with the feeling that there is nothing being left behind. Compared to the cord that comes with it - no contest. Only issue is maintaining a tight connection, as the Statement is quite heavy and the connection has a disturbing tendency to loosen at the most inopportune times.

Hope this helps.
My favorite is the VH Audio AirSine, way better than stock and better than some other well regarded cables. Transparency and air!
Sns - did you used the AirSine on the conditioner? I am more interested on improving the cord for the BPT.
I use all Elrod Signature II and IIIs and what a match....love the synergy......you can see the system if curious on Audio Asylum inmates sytems...