BPT 3.5 Power cable need help

I have a BPT 3.5 power conditioner on its way. I had its brother the Equi=tech in my system as was amazed the level it took my system too even though I have dedicated 10awg circuits, cryo’d, running through Oyaide R1 and Teslaplex outlets, then to a Power plant Premier. My wife was even more amazed so the green light was given.
Now I wish to outfit this beast with a good PC. Budget is ~$500. It’s a 20 amp IEC. Currently, my PS Audio 12 PC is feeding the PPP and I have a VH-Audio flavor 4 feeding my BMC amp.
I’m thinking of a Acrolink 7N 4030II and assembling some Oyaide connectors for a very good DIY. Also looked at the Nanotech cable solution. Black Sand Violet perhaps?

Or maybe the Hi Diamond PC. I know those are good.

Any suggestions or folks who found a great combination with the BPT, Equi=tech units?
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Why wouldn't you use BPT's 20 amp cord?

I've had a BPT 3.5 for prolly 10 years now (whenever they first started and got the rights to Plitron transformers). I use their power cord, which is 20amp and it's also quite flexible for it's size.

Unless you have the budget for a Valhalla power cord, I doubt anything you spend under $500 will be better. Many of them will be worse.

No doubt that power cords can make a difference, but it's a poor return on the scale of improvement/dollar...especially if you are already using a quality budget cord like a Pangea.

Looking at your system, I would save that $500 and allocate it to a new DAC versus a power cord and keeping the Oppo (assuming your system list on audiogon is up-to-date).
For a very decent power cord for about $500 I suggest a used MIT Oracle AC3. It can come up used for that. No network. Very suitable for 20 amp service. The demos from Joe Abrams are about $699 with warranty. My other suggestion would be to find a used networked MIT cord for that money. I found the networked cord effective but suggested the AC3 as it is simply a pc. Please post your experience. (P.S. I just brought an MIT Oracle AC2 into my system ( I have Equitech in my system) and the upgrade was staggering! I was shocked by the improvement over the excellent AC1 it replaced. Simply an amazing improvement across the board-and far beyond expectations. Taking the AC2 out for a comparison back to the AC1 was like taking the air out of a baloon!
I use a Kaplan power cord with my BPT 1. I like his cords quite a bit -- just moved from the HE to a GS.
I have owned two BPT conditioners and always preferred BPT power cords with them. Mind you, I never tried any mega-dollar power cords, but have tried quite a few that were under $1000.