BPT 2.0 vs Audio Magic Stealth Power Conditioner?

I am looking to upgrade my power conditioning. Have seen good reviews on Balanced Power Tech and Audio Magic Stealth Can anyone give me their impressions of each of these units or perhaps stir the pot up and recommend an alternative.

I am looking for a used model in the $450-$600 range. I am using a Rotel 1066 pre and 1090 5x200watt amp. I have Denon 2800 (CD) and 2910 (DVD) players. I have found audio CD's sound better on the older 2800 vs the 1080p HDMI capable 2910. My speakers are Proac Studio 200's. I am using Pure Note Paragon I/C's and speaker cables. My PC's are VH Flavor 1 and 4's.
I can't speak for the Stealth, but I added a BPT 2.5 Signature to my system and I can't help sounding like an advertisement for it....I have tried the PS Audio regenerators and ultimate outlets, Exact Power, Shunyata Hydra, and a few others that were highly regarded...none of them accomplished what this unit has, opens up the staging, pinpoints images, reduces glare and harshness, and just makes my system more musical.