bps 210 replacement

 Hello to all.Like the title says My mirage bps 210 just [email protected] the bed and I am looking to replace it .I have Magnepan mg3.5's biamped  by a CJ mf 200 running top end and a Bryston 4 b at the bottom .Both are fed through a CJ pv12 and a XO1 crossover and straight wire rhapsody interconnect's.My question is do you think I should still use my LFX1 Mirage xover  and ad a Bryston 4b and to passive subs  or ditch the LFX1 and do to active subs. I realy liked  the   servo type  bps 210. Do you think a Rthmic  sub might fit the bill?My house is filled with antiques and most sub do fit in to well .Iam a carpenter  and I don't mind a diy project..
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