Bp17 cube preamp

i bought a Bryston bp27 3.  After about 2.5 weeks, I noticed a rather loud hum coming from my midrange drivers, in addition to a too loud hiss from the tweeter.  I have heard a bit of a hiss from tweeters but I've had to put my ear up to the grill to hear.  I called Vermont, and he said there is definitely a problem.

since it's so new (and expensive), I asked for a new one.  The employee I was communicating with went incommunicado.  No help.  Before I bought it, he was helpful.  Hmmmmm.  

I also offfered to take a b6 in place of the 17.  No answer again.  Incommunicado for the decision maker.  I offered to take the $700 hit in price difference.  Nothing.  Not reading my emails anymore I think.  I thought I was buying from a great company.  I sent it off for repair.

almost brand new (used very little), I think one of ,one of my options  should have been taken.  

VERY disappointed in this company.
Sorry but who were you communicating with? You say Vermont but Bryston is in Canada. Is your dealer in Vermont? Bryston is known for outstanding CS this doesn't sound like them.
I was communicating with home company and their service shop and a person stationed in the us, all company locations.  
Good to know, was thinking of buying a bryston.  Will look elsewhere now. Thanks.
1) Try AudioCircle first and speak with James Tanner. https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?board=57.0

2) Telephone Bryston in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada ask for James Tanner
3) Email Bryston Customer Support or Sales  [email protected]

I do not own Bryston anymore but poor customer service is the last thing I would associate with them.
Thanks for the referral.  I will attempt to contact Mr. Tanner.
The BP17cubed is definitely a little noiser and inconsistent than most. I heard it on my own unit, should have checked the SNR before buying.