BP 50X2A amp ???????????

Just purchased this amp and wondering if any one has info or can supply link to it?
Have had zero luck finding anything on it.
It's a first watt clone or if class d probably has the ice power modules in it if it is.

Describe it more detail the front and back, heat sinks on both sides.

Have you looked inside?

I'm beating it's a first watt clone and not a class d.

Thanks Kenny! It is def not class D . Will take pics and post soon.
Regards T
I will pm you my email and you could send some pics there be sure and take some good closeups of the inside

I failed to mention that I have built a couple of first watt amps in the past,given to the diy community from Nelson's gracious diy nature,so I bet I can figure it out.

Another thing that would help is if you can read the part numbers on the output transistors and let me know what they are.