Boz Scaggs Silk Degrees Blu-Spec II

I've owned and enjoyed for years the MoFi edition of this album.  Fine enough.  But the Blu-Spec II version is way beyond the MoFi in dynamics, space around the instruments/vocals and attack.  Do not know what they've done, but it's great!

I've experienced this with other MoFi recordings.  Some are great and some not so great and easily bettered by SACD Hybrids and other editions.


You can never assume that a particular reissue is going to be an improvement over previous releases of an album. I guess it’s hard to get it right. Some reissue labels have a better track record than others, but it’s always best to give it a listen before you buy, if that’s possible.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the album. I’m more a fan of his Out of the Blues type stuff.

tomcy6  Agreed.  It's a crapshoot at times.  Boz's self-professed trilogy of A Fool to Care, Out of the Blues and Memphis is great with terrific production quality on all three plus real blues.  I like Silk Degrees for what it is and do not pretend it's more.

Boz made a lot of money off that album and that's okay.  It's a business.  When he wants to, he can roll with some pretty heavy talent.

@celtic66 +1

I have no problem with Silk Degrees or an artist wanting to make some money.  They have to pay the bills too.  I have a problem if everything that an artist does is obviously for maximum commercial impact.  Although it can be hard to separate commerce from artistry, with some people it's pretty clear.