Boz Scaggs

Greetings. I bought the latest CD from Boz yesterday (Memphis) and have been playing pretty much continuously the last 24 hrs. So impressed by the recording. Great songs, great musicians, great sound. I, like many, am familiar with him from Silk Degrees from decades ago, hear one of the new songs (Gone Baby Gone) on the car radio yesterday and decided to listen more so bought the disc. Highly recommended if you like this sound.
I bought this the day is came out. This is an excellent record! I was just telling an Audiogoner, (Theo) about this album last night.

Highly recommended!
Check out an earlier album - Come on Home.
Fantastic music really well recorded.
Maybe even earlier... you have to check out Boz Scaggs S/T, the song in which Duane Allman contributed is worth the price of admission. "Silk Degrees"?, good, but not as good as this!

From memory, Boz Scaggs @ his band, was a damn good lp.
"Loan Me A Dime" - Duane A. on guitar.

Boz was a member of the early Steve Miller Band - they attended High Scholl together @ St. Marks in Dallas.
If you like Somebody Loan Me a Dime check out the Original by Fenton Robinson on Soundstage Seven.
Lucky me (I hope)-am seeing him Sunday evening, a first for me, and am expecting greatness. I know I won't be disappointed.
He did not disappoint. I much preferred his new material, although he did his old hits extremely well, and had a wonderful band. Highly recommended.
I haven't heard any Boz in eons! I'll check this one out. Thanks for the tip.
Saw him in Houston a few weeks ago. Good show but crowd was very reserved. He closed with Loan Me A Dime and said he had one more tour in him.
I hate it when the crowd just sits there like a bump on a log. That's a tough gig for an entertainer when the crowd isn't with it.