boyfriend is getting on my way

My boyfriend is telling me that replacing my present BRYSTON 4BST with MC CORMACK DNA2 will enhanced the performance of my Monitor Audio Speaker (silver 9i), I need your honest opinion regarding the comparison performance of these two amplifier before I divorce my boyfriend, Im using a monster 2.4 biwire and sunfire tube pre-amp with 6922 nos, and CEC TL5100 cd is driving me crazy!!!!!
he is probaly right. the monster cable would have to go as well. what is your musical taste? maybe try tubes as well.
Listen to your boyfriend. He sounds like he's got good ears and is only trying to help : ) Sean
If you can give both a listen and pick the one that sounds best to you. Remember you are the one who has to live with it, not your boyfried :-)
You sound fairly young, but in time you will learn that men are always right. by all means listen and believe your boyfriend or any man for that matter. you are very welcome for this good advice. and good listening to your music too.
Speaking only to the issue of the amplifiers, I will offer that I auditioned both the Bryston 4B-ST and the McCormack DNA 2 in my system before eventually buying the 4B-ST. In my system, I preferred the sound of the 4B-ST, and I also like the fact that Bryston gear has an unconditional 20-year warranty (I have a strong value orientation toward audio gear) and unsurpassed customer service. McCormack is now owned by Conrad-Johnson, which means it is financially backed by one of the established names in high-end audio, although Steve McCormack still heads the development of the amps bearing his name.

I'm sure your boyfriend means well, but before I'd swap out the 4B-ST amp, you should audition the McCormack in your system. One thing to bear in mind here is that women generally have more acute hearing than men, particularly as we get older, so what you hear may be different than what your boyfriend hears. Don't make a final decision about your amp based solely on someone else's opinion -- as I have often said on this forum, "trust your own ears".
Well, you should know better than to ask a bunch of (mostly) men whether you should listen to your boyfriend. :-)

It sounds to me like your boyfriend wants to play audiophile while spending your money. That's probably not worth divorcing him over, although he may become more of a nag if you resist. In that case, all bets are off.

As for the amps, The Bryston's a great piece, and I don't see a word in your post suggesting that you are at all dissatisfied with it. Nor do you sound like the kind of person who enjoys changing your system around just for experiment's sake (or the fun of it). So don't.

(If you really want to drive him crazy, tell him you've decided to become an objectivist, and you now believe all amps sounds the same.)
Don't even consider switching amps unless you can A-B them in your system in your home. I doubt very much the DNA-2 will make much, if any difference, and it may not be a difference you enjoy. Tell you boyfriend to buy a DNA-2 and put it in his own system if he likes that make and model so much.
"trust your own ears"..... Sdcampbell said it perfectly.
It's your system, your money, your ears and your choice.
You MUST always audition the piece of gear in your system before you buy it. This is the only way to buy.After all isn't it YOUR system.
If he wants you to have a different amp in your system have him buy it for you.
Just my $.02, Rick
Go all the way - PS Audio HCA-2
Let's see if I'm clear about this... your choice is to replace your Bryston 4BST or your boyfriend or both? Yikes!
Listen to your boyfriend, but have him buy you the amp instead of you buying it. Then asked him, does it sound better honey?..:-)...then tell him how much you love him..
anyne familiar with the adage, "hook line and sinker"?
Does this guy live with you? Is he vested in the system or just a kibbitzer?
While it's true that this stuff does not all sound the same, there would be arguments about superiority even if it did.
If you are happy with your system, leave well enough alone.
But don't try to tell him what to wear.
By the way, I use Monster M1.4 cables between a new Rowland amp and old Goldmund speakers with no sense of loss. You know what you're doing.
What do your ears tell you? Not all people hear alike. What sounds better to him may not be any better to you. Feel free to tell b/f that you do not hear an improvement worthy of giving up a great warranty for if that is the case. And when comparing amps be sure both are broken in and warmed up. Try to equalize sound levels. Use the same recordings. Realize that different is not necessarily better. Try to verbalize the differences and ask if it is an important difference. Personally I prefer and own the Bryston for use in my system.
I generally (not always) find woman and men have different taste in what is good sound, so stick with what you like and trust your own ears.
Roxbury I think you and your boyfriend should borrow
a DNA 2 and listen, see if there is an improvement,
to all of you goodlooking awesome handsome audiogoner's who give their unconditional advice to my question...A WARM KISS AND HUG!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL.....
..oh, brother.
Before you jump the fence and start slobbering all over me I have one more question. Are you a female?
Point of question well taken, Macrojack!! :-)
Whatever Roxbury's sexual orientation is (and it doesn't matter), you really need to do double blind A-B-A comparison testing. It obiously involves switching speaker wires from amp to amp several times and if your boyfriend is as interested in proving his point as you are in finding the best amp, well then you both should have fun.
If your cute, sexy and smart, I come with a pair of RM40s and no baggage!!!!

: )

my answer to you question "Macrojack" YES I am a 27 years old female red blooded amerasian born and raised in Los Angeles and now living here at Northwest..
for you John/Summitav....thank you very much for your offer and regarding your question about me...yes my BF always say my chingky brown eyes makes him dizzy because I am cute and I also graduated last year(Business Management)
Replace the Cable and see how things work.Monster usually cuts both Freq. extremes.I don't think you'll find a great amount of diffs. after you get the correct Cable synergy.

McCormicks aree a better amp though.Not worthy of restructureing your amp section though.

If you can try the amp before getting one it would save you from a breakup.
Do you like your bf's system?