Boy Will I Get a Ear Full on this One

i finally bought a squeezebox, i am always real late, although i know alot of you don't have one yet, i understand, but i am an old radio dj from the fm 70s, album oriented fm and do i like the internet radio, but for the music i have found free and on servers. sO , i have heard about the new t amps and pre amps with speakers,for a very small scale footprint with speakers, anyone out there won't give up my 2 ch system, but like to be a the computer in my other room and would like a very small footprint good sounding system, no logitech stuff although i do use there squeezebox and boombox in my work space..nice unit,the boombox..thanks dwhitt
dwhitt is left on over nite at my house.

The Nuforce Icon is a USB DAC, pre-amp/controller, T-amp, headphone amp, all in one tiny box. They also have matching speakers that are small and are designed to fit nicely on your desk top.

I own the Icon and plan to buy the speakers in the future and create a nice, simple desktop system for listening to iTunes and Internet Radio.


There's a good many small units out there. Many digital ones and some with USB inputs.

I even heard of a tube iPod docking station with outputs if one wants to incorporate some of the glass sound into your office rig.

Apogee and some others make DACs with headphone out & USB in. Add some self powered (active) speakers and some decent interconnects're there.
Rubent's recommendation of the Nuforce Icon is a good one. I use one in an office and love the convenience, versatility and the sound. Most of the time what's playing is the computer through USB but I also have a tubed-output CD player on a shelf connected to it. I don't often listen to headphones but my Sennheiser 600's sound great with it and I've occasionally plugged an iPod dock into it.

I'm using a pair of Acoustic Energy surround speakers with it on my desk but I've also tried it with Devore 8's and Soliloquy SAT5's. Its 12 watts won't fill a room with big, inefficient speakers but the sound is very good. I like it a lot.
is anyone familiar with the trends? also tektron speakers