Boy is this girl good...

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals... Tight band, Great vocals, Great audio quality. Check it out.

I've been a Grace Potter fan for a very long time. I have everything that she has recorded.

Her new album, is really good. She rocks harder on this new record than any of the previous ones.

She is one of favorite female artists...highly recommended!
Agreed. This is one to watch. Superstar material.
Ok, just ordered it from Amazon. I'll get back.
Count me in. Have followed her for some time now. Saw her live last year in Seattle in a very small venue with maybe 100 people. Hung around and chatted post concert-she was gracious, funny, genuinely appreciative of her fans and not in the least creeped out by two of those fans being of advanced age with children older than she is. (That would be me and my friend)
Yes, she is. Even though I prefer her first cds.

I like her music very much but think her albums have average sound quality, at best.