Boy am I glad no one bought my albums

Recently I ran an auction for 9 audiophile classical lps. You know the ones, for MoFi, Cheski, Reference Recording, ect.... I thought that $175 was a fair starting price, which means less than $20 each. These were in almost new condition. I've paid more for less!

Well, I didn't get one bid but I am not disappointed. I listened to them last night and boy was I impressed! Now, I am not a Classical music fan, it just doesn't move me. Sure, it is nice enough but not engaging. That has all changed after last night. The strings were fantastic the drums knocked me over, making me weak in the knees, and the horns were like sirens pleading me to stay.

And, Stay I will. Thank you for not buying these albums! It would have been a mistake to part with them!
I am not sure if you really love those records, but you sounded pretty sour to me.

No one bought your albums for a very simple reason - they are over-priced. $20/LP is only fair if someone can pick. And evan that is debatable based on your list.

These records only have values to the stereophile, not collectors. Chesky, for one, has very little resale value due to the poor remastering job and normally can be bought for $5-8 easily on eBay.

The way to find out true value of your collection is to run a zero start, no reserve auction. If your merchandize is desirable, someone will bid. You may not like the price, but that is how market economy works.
You are absolutely wrong! I'm not at all sour. As I think stated, "I am glad no one bought my records".

As for them being over priced, well, okay, but who cares! I'm glad no one bid on them. I would have given away a treasure of music.

I listen to the Feste of Romane and the Pines of Rome last night, MoFi, demonstration, "not for resale disc", which was as quiet as a grave. It almost made me cry.

Afterwards, I listen to MoFi "Victory at Sea", vol 2 and 3, which I have seen 1-3 sell for $200(+), and again I was moved.

My point was not about bitterness. There is too much "real" things to be bitter about and a small amount of chump change or hi-fi isn't one of them. As a matter of fact if this pursuit ever makes me bitter I'll find something else to do with my time.

My point was about not giving something a chance and when given another opportunity to do so I was moved.

Ramstl If you think these recordings sounded good spinning on the platter I think your next step is taking in some live concerts in your area.
Your welcome:~)
Tubegroover your right! I should go and if anyone has any recommendation within the Albany, NY area I would gladly take them.

And Glen, No, thank you!
I've tried to sell my Weltmeister(120bass buttons, 41 piano keys) and I'm happy I did not sell it!
Yesterday I've been trying to couple with Astor Piazola "Libertango" and played in duo with the record -- what a fun! I've discovered another way of listening music.
Okay, point taken, Ramstl.

Instead of trying to sell them, you should perhaps buy a few more classical LPs such as the Speaker Corner or Super Analog reissues. If you like what you heard on Chesky, you will be totally blown away by really good Decca or EMI reissues.
Thanks, can you recommend any? I have always been a bit of a closet fan of Chamber, Romance, Classical and somewhat modern or 20th century, ie. Bartok, ect. But, I haven't focused on building my own collection.

I am interested in excellent recordings and performances. I know this is tough, but what would be your 5 top, can't live with out, albums?
Ramstl, if you are serious about liking chamber music, get an LP version of Bach's Cello Suites. These are solo cello masterpieces that bring you (well, me) to tears each time I listen to them. I bought mine so long ago I can't remember the label, but there have probably been better recordings/reissues since then, as 180 gram vinyl has picked up.
If I could get specific pressings that would help. Thanks in advance.
Bach's unaccompanied cello suite is highly sought after by everyone but none of the audiophile labels ever reissued any. The most sought after performer is Jano Starker.

Unfortunately, chamber music is not popular among audiophile labels. 90% of the audiophile labels reissues works of orchestra. Even opera is rare.
Rdr4b, The Janos Starker Bach on Mercury Golden Imports (reissue label) that I own,is the greatest Cello recording with the truest image size of the insrument that I have ever heard.
As far as Janos Starker is concerned, what can we say about the greatest player to ever record in Stereo.......Frank
Frank, you're 90% right. The Mercury Golden Import is nice indeed which I also have. However, the original works is much much better when I heard it at my friend's house. I first saw a copy at Tower Records in 1980 which I unfortunately couldn't afford. $25.00 at the time was half week's meal money for a poor graduate student. Two months ago I saw a mint copy went for $350 and still did not meet the reserve. Although I suppose I could afford it, I figure the money could be better spent elsewhere.

You're also right about Starker being great in Stero and all. However, if you don't mind listening to mono, Fournier and Casal are much deeper.