box to music ratio

so this is a bit of a poll i guess...I'm curious what other gonner's ratios of money spent on equipment vs. media are.

Using round numbers and some guessing I estimate I've spent something like $12k on my current system, compared to some $20+k spent on lps and cds (mostly lps). I guess I view LPs as lifetime investments and equipment as more finite, but the fact that seemingly small lp purchases of $20 hear and $30 there add up quickly is also a factor.

So my box to music (analog + digital) ratio is 0.6. What are the other ratios (probably helpful to note if analog, digi, or both)?
Intersting idea- I'm gonna be the other way around, 'cause most of my vinyl (est. 400 lps) was bought in the old days (I used to agonize over the $2.99 vs. $3.49 lps), I get most of my cds used, and my equipment, although mostly used, was bought recently. Best I can tell, about 1.8:1.
How about $$$s spent for equipment + recordings total, divided by total hours listened to for cost/hour of musical enjoyment?
Currently in the house:

Equipment = $12K paid, $16K MSRP
Media = >$50K (>5,500 CDs and a few LPs)
My software expenditures over the years is 3/4's more than my equipment cost.
another factor for both variables is the number of years accumulating the music and boxes. some here are less than 5 years at it while others are 40+ years.

currently (est)
my boxes = $12k paid
music 625ish CDs and few dozen LPs = $6k

box:music = 2:1
years in: 20

BTW: I've been working hard toward 1:1
I guess I could add that 2 years ago I was:

boxes less than $1k, music=$5k
so: that would be 1:2
You do the math -

Equipment up and running - Aprox $30,000
Equipment in 'reserve' - Aprox $28,000 (don't ask)
LP's and CD's about $75,000 (mostly CD's)

I'm at home and the system is on whether I'm in the room or the office next to it at least 10 hours a day, each day.

I've been collecting this stuff for a number of years so it amortizes out at about $4433 per year or $12.14 per day, less than the cost of one CD. Great return on the 'investment' I think.