Box box to Converter

I listen to Direct-TV Sonic Tap music channels.
BUT! They broadcast all in MP3 Format.
Is there a Converter Box: MP3 in to a WAV file out to go between Direct-TV receiver And Audio Pre-Amp?

To much compression for my taste.

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Tubes444, Zd542 is correct here.
When music is in converted to MP3 format, the compression is a destructive process meaning that the compression throws away hi & lo frequencies to create the MP3 file. Once data is thrown out merely upsampling it to WAV file does *not* bring back the data. What data was thrown out was thrown out for good & is lost forever w.r.t. that file. IMO converting a MP3 file to WAV is just wasting disk space w/o any beneficial sonic improvements.
So, you are stuck with the MP3 format for you DirectTV Sonic Tap music channels. DirectTV could help its customers by streaming in a non-lossy format (such as FLAC) if they chose to i.e. if they think their customers actually care. You might be the 1% that does care & DirectTV is catering to the other 99% that doesn't....
A relative has something similar - we use is extensively for background music; not for serious listening.