Bowers&Wilkins ASW675 10" Sub, blown driver. Can't find anyone to repair it.

Starting to feel like I'm supporting this B&W Sub.  Two months ago the amp had to be replaced.  Now the voice coil is loose.  Sent it to two shops that said they would try but cautioned that B&W does not sell repair parts for these drivers.  At $600 for a replacement, that's a bit difficult to handle.  Does anyone out there know of someone that might be able to help?  I really like this sub, just not the maintenance.  Thanks in advance, Arkelectric.
How old is this sub?  Who replaced the amp?  Where are you located?   I had to have my ASW-610 repaired this year.  It was shipped back to B&W in MA by my local audio store.  The main circuit board had to be replaced.  If parts for your ASW675 are no longer offered by B&W, then yes you will be facing a challenging situation. I found the following link on-line.  This is a list of authorized service centers for B&W/Rotel for warranty work.  I'm sure your closest dealer would be happy to take a look and offer a repair for $$ if they have or can find a replacement driver.
" Does anyone out there know of someone that might be able to help?"

You're dealer. They should be handling stuff like this even if the speaker is out of warranty. If you take the driver out and find that its not soldered, you can just replace it yourself. And if you know how to solder, its not hard at all to do. 

B&W is just crazy with issues like this because they think mail order is somehow involved. They would rather piss you off and lose you for a customer, than to help fix your speaker. The last pair I had, B&W did me a really big favor by allowing me to drive 150 miles to a dealer and sell me an x-over for a speaker that was still in warranty at full list price. Why? I moved to an area where there was no B&W dealer, so I had to be punished.
My ASW 650 stopped working a few years ago, I called B&W support (in L.A.) who told me to extract the amplifier module and send it in. Instead, I opened the unit (not exactly easy but still doable) and took the fuse to a service shop for a replacement. That did the trick!
P.S. Always use caution servicing electrical equipment.
Thanks guys.  I should have been a bit more detailed in my initial post.  The driver is out of the enclosure and, as mentioned in the first post, I've shipped it to (two) speaker specialists who cautioned me ahead of time that Bowers & Wilkins does (not) sell repair parts for the drivers used in the ASW 675.  When I received the driver back from the first place I sent it to, the accompanying note which was stapled to the refund check (my original deposit less $50 for diagnosis and inspection) plainly described the problem as 'Adhesive failure, lower V/C Section to Cone'.  OK, that seems pretty logical especially considering my musical tastes.  Only remedy he offered was a replacement driver for slightly under $600.  Thought I'd give it one more try and sent it off to someone on the east coast that specializes in recones and rebuilds of very high output sound reinforcement equipment for concerts etc.  He also returned the driver.  No charge for his diagnosis which was oddly inconsistent with the first one.  He was somewhat non-commital on the voice coil issue other than saying he was unable to observe any irregularities in either v/c attachment, viewing the operation with a sweeper and 60 W RMS from 15 to 120 Hz.  What he (did) notice was the surround lifting off of the frame on outward excursions.  The adhesive appears to have lifted/separated very cleanly from the metal frame.  Don't know why he didn't quote a repair other than his organization specializes in another brand/make and his inspection was done as a favor for the person that made the phone introduction.  Two days ago, after the fundamental discrepancies between my two pro inspections kept bothering me more each time I walked through the living room where the partially disassembled subwoofer enclosure sits, I called a friend and asked for a hand getting the driver down from the top shelf of one of my media shelves.  And, within a very few minutes I understood, and saw for myself, what was causing the horrible noise from my sub.  It was the loose surround.  I'll wait to be certain that re-attaching the surround fully corrects the problem and, if so, in a short letter to the owner of the first organization I sent the sub to, I'll briefly and factually explain what happened, not in an effort to recover my wasted expense or the shipping costs involved but in hopes that whatever the problem is that allowed this to happen gets corrected before too many more customers get burned.  BTW, This company (was) on the list of B&W Servicing Dealers on the west coast.
Why not figure out why not figure out what impedance your woofer is go to

Pick out a 10" woofer that meets your needs...Voila'
There's 22 different options, one will work I promise.

I know its late, but if you still have the amp I would be interested in purchasing it. Tony
You could try re-gluing the surround yourself.  It's not that difficult: 
I'm not sure why those repair guys did not catch it or repair it.  Replacing surrounds on a speaker cone is a service done by several people.