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Purchased a set of B&W 703’s maple, a long time ago. I’ve owned quite a few of their speakers since. Recently purchased their 704 S2’s and upon registration I remembered the free music they offer their customers. Thought I’d share the info with others that may have overlooked it.

Anyways... Society of Sound Music on the B&W site quite a few albums in .flac for download. It has changed over the years from select artist tidbits to entire albums. I’m guessing available for customers with accounts.
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Just a follow up on the B&W 704 S2's.

Have had the Bryston B-135 SST2 connected since they come in, one thing for sure, with that integrated it doesn’t take much to push these speakers. For a small speaker, I have to say, I like the sound stage, detailed.

Next week I’ll swap over to the Simaudio Moon i3 SE, and chime back in with the results.
I bet the B-135 sounds great with the 704 S2s. The new 700 series sound great and they are gorgeous. I love Bowers and Wilkins speakers. Been enjoying my 683 S2s for a few years now. Would love to move up the line someday but I'm perfectly content with my 683s until then.

I look forward to further impressions when you have time with the i3. Have fun.



I have owned the cdm 9-nt in the past and recently re-discovered a pair of dm601 that i had bought 20 years ago.
B&W midrange is crystal clear... Love rhe imaging capabilities and transparency.
I regret that i have sold the cdm-9 now.
The dm601 suffer from their cheap box and a mediocre tweeter, but they give me a taste and make want to get back into the b&w sound!
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704 S2's smallest floors out of the 700 series. I have a small listening area and they are right on. I will say that since I went B-135 over the i3 SE, wish I'd went 703's. That Bryston is one strong lil integrated. Put the i3 in my work area with the SCM1's, nice too.
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