Bow ZZ-8/Theta Gen V(a) and Sony SCD-777

I have just finished auditioning the Bow ZZ-Eight in my Pass Aleph 4, Vandersteen 3A Signature, Cat Ultimate system. I am contemplating a new digital front end to replace my Philips CD80. The Bow actually complements my current system very well which is a little too laid back. It improves the dynamics, which has been a problem, brightens up the upper mids and it has great bass weight, although I am not sure about the depth of the bass extension. The highs are clean and crisp and while they can be prominent on some recordings, they are not so much on others. I do not like peaky, etched bright systems and this one is not, probably because of the synergy of the ZZ-Eight with my already laid back system. I would however like to add SACD, kick up the dynamics even further as well as add even more bloom to the upper mids. I was considering the purchase of a SCD-777 or even the new 5 channel SCD-777 when that comes available as well as perhaps a Theta Generation V or Va for redbook CD playback. Does anyone have opinions on the Theta and how well it will complement the SCD-777 for redbook playback given the state of my system and my objectives? Thanks for all your replies.
I am running a Gen Va with my 777 and find it to be a great combo. It has a huge soundstage, great detail and is also warm and musical.
I recentley paired a Proceed DAP with a 9000es and have been happy. Does anyone know how the 9000 compares to other transports?