Boutique or Big Brand?

Good evening everyone! I am looking at new speakers in the $5k, maybe $6k range. My electronics and room dimensions are on "my system" posted on my profile so I won't repeat them here. I currently have Tekton Impact Monitors, but feel they do not have a good low end (I posted my review on another post so won't bore everyone here). That said, they were the best I could afford at the time and above 40Hz sound good to me.

Now I am ready to upgrade and am faced with a decision... Do I go boutique with a bigger pair of Tektons, or maybe the Salk Song3 A or BeAts; or something from Zu or Devore? Or do I go with a Big Brand like the Sonus faber Sonetto V, B&W 702, or Focal Arias?

I have heard the Tekton, Sonetto V, and B&W 8-series (not the 7 in my price range). I want a slim tower because I feel a lot of them have the same footprint as a pair of standmounters and have better bass extension.

So, what are the benefits of boutique over big brand and vice-versa? It seems in my price range boutique may be the way to go? Thoughts? Any other recommendations?

Because of the pandemic I had to move to a place that doesn't have the audio stores that N.Y.C. and Columbus, Oh. did when I lived there, so I am asking your opinions. Please keep it positive and constructive, thank you.


One thing I'd add that hasn't been mentioned- when you narrow it down, message a few members that have owned the speakers you are looking at. I always reply and those that I've contact reply too. It can be a good way to get a little deeper and maybe get some better opinions before purchasing.

Good luck you will find something nice in that range, especially if you decide to buy used.

You didnot mention one very big factor your rooms dimentions.

spatial audio technologies makes some excellent open baffle speakers that are very efficient  and on several models powered Bass well worth the effort even if it meant saving $1-2 k more the Beyma Mid-Tweeter alone is world class, plus a 12 inch midBass driver. And powered bass driver .I don’t currently own his newest but have heard them , at least  give them a look.

I went on a year-long speaker search around the USA.  I listened to at least 50 different brands.  My suggestion is to attend an audio show if you can.  At least there is a wide variety of speakers that you can listen to.  I traveled the NY / NJ markets and the LA / San Diego markets.  So many dealers and so many options to hear speakers in those markets.  

I had previously owned Wilson and Sonus Faber speakers.  After it was all said and done I went with a small boutique company out of New Mexico called Viking Acoustics.  Why?  Because they could tailor the speaker to my exact listening sound characteristics.  The well-known brands would not do that.  It turns out that my current speakers are way better than my Wilson or SF speakers for less money.  BTW, they personally delivered the speakers to my house and set them up for me.  That was an 8-hour drive.  

From a boutique perspective, take a look at Charney Audio or Salk, or Joseph Audio.  I have heard a ton of good comments on Fyne Speakers.  

I have Tekton speakers in my theater room.  You can do better my friend.

Don't be in a rush.  Enjoy the process and the ride.  




@grislybutter ​​@james633 & @ghdprentice Thank you all for taking the time to reply with your insights.

@dreas & ​​​​@mapman thank you for giving me additional questions to think about. That's why I am here.

@audioguy85 the Tannoy Stirling are on my list. I bought my turntable from Upscale and noticed those. They, like the Sonus faber are pretty.

@12many after reading your post I think I am going to have to take the 4-hour trek to the nearest city and go do some listening.