Boutique caps in oil... reliable?

Hi Everyone,

Just kind of openly curious.  On occasion I will read a post here or there that a boutique film cap which uses oil as a dielectric has leaked (i.e. failed). 

Just wondering when it comes to these high end oil impregnated (or maybe even wax!) caps what your experience has been with long term reliability.





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@charles1dad I will be very curious to hear your thoughts on the Abbas Dac vs your Yamamoto I've heard of Abbas and from what I can tell they, like Sw1x, are emulating the Audio Note philosophy. Having heard both Yamamoto and AN I definitely think there are similarities in sound presentation if not technology, Abbas would seem to be of a similar mindset.



I also look forward to your comments on the Abbas 3.2SE dac.  I never of them before, but did some reading and find his attitude towards design and parts so darn fresh and wonderful.  A true artist!  Most intriguing. 

I use the Audio Note Kaisei caps in power supplies where space is an issue.  They sound great. Bass is deep and punchy in a good way. Mids are nice also.  

Nice choice Charles! 


I came very close to buying an Audio Note( AN) prior to settling on the Yamamoto YDA-1 DAC. Back in 2010 Venus Hifi was the USA distrubutor for Yamamoto. He was a former AN dealer and loved their products but said they had so many models for every component in their line.He admired the AN DACs but he told me the at the time the relatively new Yamamoto was a legitimate sonic competitor up to the level of the AN 3 series (His words). 

I trusted him as he used to provide AN components for 6 Moons reviews back then. So long story short I got the Yamamoto as it was considerably less expensive. He said I'd have no regrets. He was right about that, 12 years later and I enjoy it as much as I ever have. I am certain I'd had been every bit as happy with an AN DAC. He said musically and sonically the two DACs were cut from the same cloth. Jon, based on your ownership of both, I believe he was correct. Not identical, but very similar priorities of naturalness/tone/timbre/music flow/pace etc.


@grannyring  Nice choice Charles! 

Thanks Bill.

i will definitely let you know my thoughts and impressions. Abbas said it requires 3 months to complete the built, but I suspect it will be a longer wait and that’s okay. His approach and attention to the analog stage, I/V conversion and power supply is methodical and each step based on much listening assessment.