Boulder phono stage

I am considering the purchase of a Boulder phono stage to mate with my 2010 pre-amp.
The two choices are either the 1008 or 2008.  Please do not recommend a new 2108 as it is currently outside my price range.  Have any of you auditioned these, if so what are your impressions?

Thank you,
I have heard the 508, 1008, and 2108. I ended up buying the 508. It’s remarkable and 99% of the 2108 sound. 
I actually listened to the 508 and 2108 back to back for quite a while with the 2110 preamp and 1160 amp through Wilson Alexia Series 2 speakers. The difference was there but super subtle. I was listening to a variety of music but the main 3 albums were Paul Simon Graceland (original pressing), Mahler 2 w/ LA Phil (recent pressing though AP), and Bill Evans Village Vanguard (Mofi One Step). If you weren’t really really listening closely you couldn’t tell. TT was AMG Viella Turbo with Lyra Etna SL. 
Thank you AMW.  Maybe,  I should audition the 508.  I have located both I mentioned above,  but have yet to commit.   I'm currently listening to an MC Anna on a Talea II, and a Stradiverdi V2 on a 11inch 4 point Kuzma.  

Given the 508 is only 5k it’s a steal. I directly compared the 508 and 1008 and I genuinely couldn’t hear the difference. I definitely could hear the difference on the 508 to 2108 but given the 2108 is over 10x the price, the sound difference was quite small. 
I have a 1008.
 It's superb, truly full range and very satisfying musically.
so i will continue to work my up the lineup, next stop 2008.

Imho Boulder gives you everything;
the harmonic richness and delicacy of valves,
with the bass weight and solidity only solid state can provide.

That being said, i still prefer to use valve pre-amps, but combined with ss power amplification. 
I settled on and purchased a Boulder 2008. I'm satisfied with the results...excellent unit, I highly recommend it.  I'm  still using the Boulder 2010 linestage.