Boulder Modified Squeezebox...any experience?

Hello all,

I have been interested in the Squeezebox V3 for some time now...I finally had the opportunity to see and use one at a local shop and liked the interface, which I think would work well with my iTunes library...which FYI is all ripped in Lossless.

Now to the meat here. I am worried however that the stock SB V3 is not really going to keep up with my Denon transport, let alone anything else that I have thought about upgrading to...Which makes me wonder what type of difference has the boulder modifications had on this device. I have read all of the reviews I could find on the mods, but am interested if any of you have had experience with this modified piece...

Finally, if you have had experience with the squeezebox at all, but particularly the modified unit, what did you think? How does the modified SB compare to your transport? Please let me know what transport with which you are making comparisons.

Thanks for your input!
I've owned a couple of popular disc players over the past few years, Rotel 1072, Marantz 8260 and a TRL modified Sony 900. I’ve been using an SB3 for the past year or so. I had the Bolder digital mod with a Bybee filter done about 6 months ago and I added one of Bolder’s power supplies then too. I won’t say that it’s better than the TRL/Sony, because the TRL modded Sony was really, really good, but if it’s not better, it’s very close. I definitely think it’s better than the Rotel and the Marantz.

I didn’t go with the analog mods, because I run digital out from the SB3 into a digital EQ for room correction and then into a DAC. But Vinnie (at Bolder Cables) told me the analog mod sounds better than the digital.

I’m currently using the volume control on the SB3 and no pre-amp.
SB3 > Behringer DEQ > Lite DAC > Vandersteen 3A’s

I love the sound! Not to mention the convenience. There is no going back to discs.
One more thing.

There is no comparison between the stock SB3 and the Bolder modded unit. It's like comparing a cheap cd player, to a high end unit. The modded one is on a whole new level.
Oops, forgot to mention my Nuforce amps after the DAC and before the speakers.
Thanks for your input!
I have a version 2 Squeezebox which has the same guts as the version 3 - just looks like an old fashioned radio alarm - which has Bolder mods.

I bought it s/h with the Bolder basic power supply and it is very good. For comparison I still retain my Quad 77 (mains powered) cdp which is no slouch and the modded SB is at least as good, probably better - it sounds great in my system.

Wayne (Vinnie is the Red Wine Audio guy!) has a circle at AC and there is a lot of stuff to read there.

I use Apple lossless so you can rest assured there is no issue there (sure, you will find the usual arguments about whether it is as good as flac but I suspect you would need the myrhical golden ears to hear the difference).

You will find it beneficial to have either the squeezebox or the pc running slim server connected to your router by ethernet cable. Otherwise the wireless bandwidth of your network will be compromised. This is particularly the case when using Apple lossless files because thay are processed on the pc and pass over the network as .wav files. The squeezebox can decode flac in the box so the file transfer is smaller.

The convenience is fantastic - and the real deal is that once you have it on your home network it's a no brainer to have extras (stock) in the kitchen, bedroom, deck -you name it!

Oops again! I can't believe I called Wayne, Vinnie.

Can you tell I sat thru a 4 1/2 hour meeting this morning?
Why not just use the Squeezebox with an external DAC, rather than going the mod route? The Squeezebox works very well with external DACs, and the sky's the limit for sound quality. You could even use the same DAC with your Denon if you're looking to upgrade that as well.
So here's what I struggle with... I don't doubt that throwing $1k-$2k at a $300 unit can do wonders. But, then you're talking very rapid depreciation in resale value when the next generation of SB-like devices are available... Maybe a year from now, maybe two, maybe next month. And if you're willing to throw $2k at it, would you not be better off with the Transporter?

That's my hesitation... and, hell, I still may jump in anyway.

Yes, that is the idea...however the mod I am most interested in is the digital mod...Simply becasue of the fact that I will be using the external DAC...I would want the unit to perform its best under it digital capabilities. For $550...for the mod and the SB 3 on shouldn't cost too much if it can compete with some high $$$$ transports.

Thanks for your input,
I own a Bolder-modded (digital and analog, power supply) SB2. I used it directly into a pair of Stello M200 amps for a couple of years and was satisfied. I recently bought a Monarchy Audio M24 and using both DAC and preamp it sounds distinctly better than directly into the amp. I suggest you try the standard SB3 first, then perhaps add a Channel Islands VDC-SB power supply.