Boulder Equipment: Opinions

While I've heard about this gear, I can find very little info in print. I'm considering replacing my DAC (Levinson), Line Stage (PASS), and Phono Stage (PASS) with an all-in-one Boulder Model 1012 piece. Any insite on this product or others in the Boulder line is appreciated.
I'm not a Boulder dealer - in fact, some of the products I sell compete with Boulder. I can tell you Boulder gear is superb stuff, probably the standard for comparison in high end solid state gear. People who own Boulder gear are generally off the upgrade treadmill.
the 1012, at $15k MSRP, is one of the true "bargains" in the highend. it betters every dac i've yet heard, has a superb phono stage and matches many of the features available only in its $36k "brother," the 2010 pre, which doesn't include a dac. i've, coincidentally, spent the better part of today listening to a 1012 in a system that also comprised a boulder 1060 stero amp and avalon opus speakers. i've just put a boulder 1012 on order to replace my accuphase digital pre/dac.