boulder cable mod ART DIO ?

hey now folks...
i'm looking for some opinions on the MENSA plus modifications done to the ART DIO by boulder cables.

any one?
I've got one coming to me, and i'm shipping it out to Boulder for them to peforme the upgrades. I'm curious as to weather or not this thing is going to smoke. I've read some reviews or refferences on other forums, but nothing here.
Seems like most people find it to be quite a stunning piece of gear w/that MENSA upgrade. Some folks said they preffered it over some high-dollar DACs they were reviewing.

it was this or the Benchmark. I went the cheaper route, but plan on hooking up w/a benchmark for a little while so i can hear what it sounds like.
We'll see I guess.

Go anything to add?
try the audition pack that Bolder Cable offers. It includes a MENSA ART D/IO.
I have a Smart Dio, which is a level below the Mensa and I really like it. For the money, I can't say another DAC has sounded better in my system. The only way to say for sure is to try it versus other DAC's and stand-alone players on your system. Also, Wayne is a really good guy who stands by his products. I have called him several times with questions and he has always offered to have me ship my DIO back for a checkup.

Resale on DIO's is very good, so there is really no risk getting one. Also, get the power supply. It really takes the Dio to another level, along with Wayne's digital cable.

Good luck!