Boulder amplifier voltage conversion

Does anyone know whether the voltage input of Boulder amplifiers (specifically Model 1060) can be converted without sending back to the manufacturer? Can the power supply be easily rewired to change from 110V to 220V AC input? Thanks.
Wc64...Boulder's team is very helpful and easy to speak with...i have done so and had good experiences. The only question is whether Boulder requires new transformers or whether they use universal transformers. to be fair, super high powered amps often require this.
Esoteric (and i believe Krell) require special transformers to be acquired for the conversion. My Gryphon required different parts as well.

If just rewiring universal transformers, then you will want a good tech to have the right wire diagrams (which some manufacturers (like CJ) will provide via email/fax)...then your local tech can rewire according to the diagram.

good luck.