Boulder 866 Digital vs McIntosh MA12000

Greetings All,

I am trying to downsize my system and considering an all-in-one integrated. Can anyone allude to your listening experiences with the above? Digital will be my primary source material. My speakers are B&W 802 D3's. I do prefer a warmer sound as the Mac would provide, but the reviews of the 866 are so darn good!



I pair an 866 with Wilson DAW's, and I think the sound is every bit as enjoyable as when I had my Lamm ML2.1 SET amps and MAXX's. Maybe more neutral, but so natural sounding, fast, incredible bass with no harshness at all. I don't think you'll be disappointed.  

I have an MC452, which I like a lot, but I also have a Boulder 866 and it is a considerably more refined and nuanced sound with much greater space, dynamics, and speed.  I think the Boulder sounds a bit warm, dealer thinks it's very neutral, but we agree that it sounds special either way and definitely never fatiguing or hard edged.  Considering your speakers, which are on the revealing side, the 866 should be an excellent mate.

Then again, for some McIntosh fans, there is no substitute.