Boulder 865 integrated with Dynaudio C1?

Anyone heard this combo? Would I be better off with a different speaker? This is a secondary system to my HT and would like some input. 865 has been purchased but I havent been that excited about any other speaker (monitor) i've heard since the C1's. CD player suggestions? Budget for speakers is 7K and CD about 3-4K used. Thanks!!!
The C1 is an exceptional speaker and would enjoy the quality integrated immensely.
If there is not a Dynaudio dealer in our area, please contact me.

As for cd I would get a good dac which has versatile input options like the Bel Canto DAC3 and a relatively economical cdp for a transport. The Theta miles is a real nice used CDP too.

thank you.
As a Dyn C1 owner I have to say they are the best at its price point by far. But again that is my opinion. I have a Bryston B100 driving my C1's and it does a real good job. In fact I'm currently demoing the C2's and the bryston is just holding its own. I would think the boulder would be even better but again that's just my opinion.
I've been looking at the Bel Canto DAC3 and CD2 or possibly the MBL 1531 or Cary 306 as a single box solution.

I didn't mention before but the other speakers I've heard were the PL100's by monitor audio, Usher tiny dancers and some quad's that I don't recall the model.

Anyone with some used C1's drop me a line. Thanks for the suggestions.
I have been using a pair of C1s in my system for 4 years. I would highly recommend them.

I first powered them with a Gryphon Callisto 2200 integrated with ok result, and later switched to Linn's Klimax pre and power amps for better control. I also went through many different source equipment, and now the C1 is the oldest and the least expensive link in my system, and yet I do not think I have explored its full potential. I do not know Boulder 865 well, but I would suspect---base on Boulder's price and reputation---it will be a good match with the C1.

C1 is so very transparent, capable, and neutral, my experience is that it can sound from dark to bright, smooth to harsh, all depending on associated equipment and cables. So you have to be very careful in selecting source and cables. As to CD player for 3-4K, I would suggest instead of CD player, maybe look into a music server. Many such devices claim to sound better than equivalent priced CD player, such as various models of Linn DS units, which may offer better value under $4k vs Linn's own CD players. I also found PS Audio's upcoming Music Wave Transport at $2999 interesting. But anyway, music server is only a suggestion, it is something I myself is looking into but have no first hand experience with.

It's important to note that Buff is a dealer (undiclosed at that) for both Dynaudio and Bel Canto.

Given that, his remarks must be taken with a grain of salt and unquestionable bias.
Well, tons of stuff at 7k for speakers. Is that 7k used? Then consider B&W 803D or N802, Von Schweikert VR4, KEF 205, Revel Salon, etc.

The CD choices at 3-4k used are also immense (Simaudio, Cary, Esoteric, etc) but I might suggest looking at some of the after-market modded units, and maybe buying something used and getting it modded for the same total 3-4k. Many great modders, ie, Modwright, upgrade co, Empirical audio, etc. Just my opinion, but wouldn't go for outboard DAC unless you already had transport/old CD and/or were looking to add NAS or Sonos/Slim Devices type setup.
Just some quick thoughts...