Boulder 850 I saw one....... it is coming

What a cool looking monoblock!!!! Now at a price point that wont put you in the poorhouse
Well, don't hold back, we all want to know lots more!!
Machined from a single block of aluminum, 200 @ 8ohms, narrow enough to sit side by side in a rack, and retail approx 6K each!
wakenride... have you heard it, or seen it? any relation to the company? honesty please...
just saw it. friend of the company. not ready to hear yet.
I just noticed your emails about the Boulder 850 - any further info on this model? I have been trying to find out more about it. Thank you.

I just talked to Boulder today, and inquired about the 850. The 850 is slated for first article (for demo?) this summer. Rated at 150 Watts I was told, $6000 each. The electronics are mostly done, and the focus right now is on the packaging/case. It appears that their goal is to deliver an amp that has most the sonic qualities of the 1050, but at significantly less cost (so a lower cost case). At $6k this is a monoblock for the high-end masses rather than just the rarified hyper high-end folks. Certainly not inexpensive, but just the ticket for those of us lusting for the sound of a Boulder amp - now it just might be in reach! Very exciting.