Boulder 500 Amp

I have a Boulder 500 amplifier circa late 1980's. I am thinking of adding another Boulder 500 amp and using them as bridged monoblocks (is this the correct terminology? - it's been a while). Does this sound like a reasonable thing to do with an amp that old? I am also wondering if using a Boulder 500AE would be reasonable for this set up. I understand that the 500AE is identical to the 500 but without the lights and pots? Is this true?
Sounds reasonable to me...but in truth, call Boulder. They are quite responsive in my experience...both on the phone and via email. Good luck! Boulder is good stuff.
I have been using Boulder 500 in bridged mode for a center channel.
I talked with Rich who says it would not be a good idea to combine a bridged 500 and a bridged 500ae as the 500ae is not identical to the 500 and there are 3 versions of the 500ae. I will keep my eyes out for another 500 to pair with my current 500.
I have a 500m I can part with.

also the matching pre