Boulder 2020 DAC, any direct experience with it?

Does anyone have any experience using the Boulder 2020 DAC? If so, I would appreciate it if you could comment on it.

I have one. I have demoed three other high quality front ends in my system so far and nothing has displaced it yet. They include the EmmLabs CDSA, Meridian 808.2 (whatever the new one is that gets all the great reviews), and the Boulder 1021 CD player. It just has FAR greater detail retrieval than any of those other units (obviously in my system, etc.). I amazes me that so many other units get so much positive press, so I try them and they sound muddy by comparison.
I find the 2020 to have a liquid sound with very good resolution. The bass is solid, providing a firm foundation for music. This is noticeable for classical music as well as for driving bass lines in pop/rock. There is a bit more body and the DAC seems to convey the force of music well.

This is in direct comparison with a Playback Designs MPS5 as well as a Zanden 5000S Signature. I have also had the Esoteric P03D03Rubidium, DCS Elgar Plus stack and Wadia 931/921 set, many at the same time. The 2020 is clearer than the MPS5 which is in turn clearer than the the Esoteric stack if it is set to upsample to DSD.

The MPS5 upsamples to 2X DSD like the Emm Labs but I think it does a better job than the Esoteric (the notes become too diffuse with the latter).

The Wadia is on the opposite end; super clear attack and decay, eerily silent background and incredible bass when driving an amp directly. I miss that unit, it really is different from many of the DACs or CD front ends I have had in house (others include Naim, Levinson, Accustic Arts, Audio Logic, Altis etc.).
What you opinion about Audio Logic 34 xml regarding Accustic Arts Tube DAC, Boulder 2020 DAC? May be you familiar with Chord QBD 76?
Thank you
Hi Gady,

I am not familiar with the Chord digital gear at all. I found the AL 34 to be very syrupy, euphonic and dark. I was surprised at how large a filter it placed over the sound and sold it rather quickly. I owned the AA CD Player Mk ii; an interesting sound, forward and with a tilted presentation and treble. I also found it to be unique but not at all accurate; every recording had this odd pitch. I had thought about trying the AA Tube Dac II but don't intend to now as I have a plethora of very good DACs that offer a full variety of sound signatures, all neutral but with certain shadings.

As this thread is about the 2020, please email me if you wish more detail.