Boulder 1060 amp and upmarket p.cords and filters?

I recently bought Boulder 1060 and thinking replacing the stock cord plus feeding it from filter.
Any ideas and experiences?
nice amp...i like PAD Dominus/Ann Contego speaker cables. I think you should check with Boulder before using a power filter with such a powerful amp. many prefer high powered amps straight into the wall. i tried my gryphon antileon into a filter, and it blew up despite having 'endless ability to handle big amps'.
I agree Pad Ann. Powercord would me nice match. However I would not reterminate that cord for boulder 1060 since it is not a easy, flexable,userfriendly cord.(I have one too)

I have never heard the latest SOTA Siltechs but know that many people have had good things to say about them...much more flexible.
i'm getting a right angle adapter and having TG Audio build me a cord for my 1060, will keep you posted. but y, the 32a connector does make for a lack of substitutes.

(granted, i've had my unit on for only 18hrs, plugged into passive conditioner by TG, but sounds wonderfully powerful & transparent as any SS amp i've heard (tied w/ edge 10.2)).
Nice Rhyno,

Congrats. I have heard this amp...effortlessness is the most amazing thing to hear when heard done well. I first heard it from the Wilson X1/Grand Slamms, and i have now heard it with a couple of amps...yours included.

I expect to hear the new D'Agostino Momentums next week at the premier of the Wilson Alexandria XLFs in Europe.

Will post. Meanwhile, enjoy your incredible system!!!!!!!!!!!
Mert, I also own a Boulder 1060. I would recommend connecting it directly to the wall (as I do) unless you have what I consider to be the only power filters which actually work & sound good with a powerful amp like the 1060, they being the Isotek Titan Evo 3 or Evo 3 Genesis. The 1060 is already well filtered from noise and vibration, so it is fairly inert to standard wall warts. In regard to power cords, you can order a German Walther 32a connector directly from Boulder as a part to re-terminate one of your cables & put your factory cord in the cupboard. The Walther connector is capable of handling large gauge cables without a problem. The opening is 2.5 cm in diameter and the strain relief can be trimmed to handle any cable size. I had one of my Acoustic Revive Power Ref cords re-terminated with a Walther with excellent results. The Acoustic Revive Power Reference is an excellent value pc & according to my Dealer sounds better than Nordost Valhalla. Ultimately though, I'll upgrade all my cables to Siltech Royal Sig series which are superb (and warm sounding) which the Boulder 1000 series needs. Hope that helps.
I opened 32 connector and checked what could be done. Actualy, I was gonna replace the stock Carol by Tunami, accidently, I cut my finger due removing a powercon from old Tunami cable. 80 percent of upmarket cords are all compatible with 32A.
Thanks for input. I have isotek nova for front end gear and I know titan will work for big amps. I think I will go for PAD corvus since I have a few PAD in circulation.

pls post your findings...looking forward to reading about your thoughts on PAD. I quite like your choice, and own mainly PAD Dominus and Ann Contego. good luck.
You're welcome Mert, The Isotek Nova is a good conditioner. Pad are good cables, a bit on the dark side of neutral, but they are a bit warm sounding. I will likely go with all-Jorma cables in my system now (Origo/Prime). Prime in particular is superb & on the warm/rich side. They are also very natural sounding.
I managed to replace the stock cord by Oyaide Tunami. It seems any oyaide style cables will do the job.
However, I havent't decided what will be optimum choice.
Plus any PAD cables will fit if you are ready to thrash female plugs.
I think I will try my own PADs since all modified and know the job as well....
i was favorably impressed w/ the TG Audio cord on my 1060. better dynamics, midrange resolution, stage separation and reduced congestion. (did use boulder's right angle adapter).