Boulder 1050 or 2060 which one is better ?

Which one is better ? their prices are similar. Spec difference is 1050 uses 56 transistors per channel while 2060 uess 80 transistors per. 2060 uses 993 while 1050 uses 884.

PS: 2060 uses 1 power cord, @ this higher power, would it blow the house fuse ?
These are completely different amplifiers in two completely different classes.

The 2060 is Boulder's all-out-assault on stereo Class A amplification while the 1050 monoblocks are built to a price-point (at this price, I am surprised I am saying this). The fact that the prices are similar has nothing to do with it. The 2060 in mono configuration is about twice as much.

Both products are terrific, the 2060 is much more terrific. :)

As far as the fuse, what size is your breaker?

I am not a Boulder dealer, I have experience with their products and just recently sold a 2060 that was traded in.
The Boulder 2060 "requires" a 30A 220V circuit for proper operation (it can run off a 30A 110v circuit, but that is not the recommended configuration). Boulder amps feature microprocessor controlled "slow ramp up" of the power supply. If they didn't, the amp would blow the 30A breaker at power turn on with the current in rush. All of those output devices require a power supply with HUGE reserves. The current in rush problem, and slow ramp up solutions in general, are not unique to Boulder products.

However, the high level of performance attained by the Boulder products is pretty unique. I've heard nothing better, or equal, for that matter.