Boulder 1008 advice on cartridge loading

Hi everyone.
Just got a new Boulder 1008 phono stage to replace my Herron VTPH-3.
My cartridge is a Benz LPS.

I was expecting to be blown away on first listen but was not. The output was half that of the Herron which has led me to suspect the default loading of 100ohms for the MC setting is not correct for the Benz LPS.

Having just pulled out the Benz instruction manual it states the recommended loading is 500ohms to 47,000ohms.

I am fairly new to the whole vinyl thing so do not know what this means in my case with the Boulder 1008.

Any comments would be appreciated.
The load does not impact the output; it is the gain function of the phono preamp that determines this. Do you know what the gain level is for your new preamp and that of your older one?
Boulder 1008 MC gain is 70, while MM gain is 40. With that amount of gain for MC you should be more than fine. Are you sure you're not on the MM setting?
Yes, 100 ohms is too heavy a load (too low a resistance value) for your cartridge to provide good sonics, based on Benz' recommendations and on the cartridge's specified internal impedance of 38 ohms.

There will be a small loss of volume as a result of the heavy loading (a little under 3 db), but as Steve indicates the main effects on volume (as opposed to sonics) probably result from differences in phono stage gain. However, it appears that the gain of the Boulder when set to moving coil mode is specified as being greater than the gain of the Herron VTPH-2 (I am not aware of a VTPH-3), which is perplexing.

In any event, looking at the manual, you can change the loading to 1K (1000 ohms) by simply disconnecting the resistor on the "personality cards" for the left and right channels, for whichever of the two turntable inputs is being used.

You don't have to remove or disconnect the resistors entirely. Disconnecting one end is sufficient. You can do that by using a low powered soldering iron to heat the connection point on the underside of the card. When the solder loosens, you would lift the resistor lead away from the card using long-nosed pliers.

Alternatively, you could simply cut the resistor lead, and lift that end of the resistor away from the card. Of course, that method would make it difficult or impossible to reconnect the resistor at a later time, if that is ever necessitated by a cartridge change. But similar resistors are inexpensive and easily obtainable.

Best regards,
-- Al
Thanks guys.
Realized I posted this thread in the wrong subsection!

Yes, my mistake Al. I do have the Herron VTPH-2 which is their current model phono stage.

Will try disconnecting the resistor using a soldering iron and see how it goes.
Keep posted!
Just like to mention that I disconnected the resistor in each personality card to bring the loading up to 1Kohms to more match my Benz LPS.

This has worked a treat and my vinyl rig is singing now!

Needs a few hundred hours for the Boulder 1008 to run but the sound is at least at the Herron level now but with a much quieter background.

Try 500 ohms for the Benz LPS. That is the resistor loading I use in a Boulder 2008 with the Benz LPS.
Thanks mate.
I will give that a try once the Boulder has reached a few hundred hours of run in. Its only a few weeks old.

Just another update that I have soldered in a resistor to make the effective loading 500ohms.
The beauty of the Boulder 1008 is it has two inputs so I have left input 1 as 1000ohms loading and input 2 as 500ohms!

First impressions with 500ohms gives a more open sound that seems to accentuate the mids and highs a little more. This means I can hear more surface noise as well!
With 1000ohms the sound seems more balanced with a more enjoyable foundation too.

Its good to have both loading options at the flick of a switch though!