Bought the Technics SL-G700 SACD Player

So near the end of Summer last year, I purchased the Technics SL-G700 SACD Player. My Denon Bluray Player started to have some issues and I wanted to keep the ability to play SACD's.

I considered the New Marantz also but chose the Technics. What a beautiful player. With all the functionality that it has my main concern was how the SACD playback sounded.

So I attempted to do a test. 

I ordered a disc through PS Audio Octave Records: Audiophile Masters.

The cool thing about this disc is that you get 1 SACD with a number of random Audiophile Quality Tracks and then a 2nd disc which contains the same tracks in file format: DSD64, 24/192 PCM and 24/92 PCM.

I wasn't really concerned with the PCM versions, I'll listen to those at some time but what I really wanted to to do was compare the DSD Files to the SACD CD.

So my setup was as follows:

Playing DSD files from my PC to my external DAC via analog output (RCA) (Questyle CMA400i) to my Integrated Amp (Vincent SV-500) to Martin Logan Motion 40's Speakers.

Then playing the SACD version from the Technics to the Vincent via analog outputs (RCA).

I was able to switch back and forth having each track playing almost simultaneously keeping the volume level on the Vincent the same, just switching back and forth between playing on the computer and playing on the Technics.

So the results to my ears, both version sound about the same. The only apparent difference was that playing through my DAC, it was a little louder and when I would switch back to the Technics, the volume (gain) seemed a little lower.

Quality wise I could not hear any major difference, so I was quite pleased.

My DAC has the AK4490 Chipset and the Technics of course has the AK4497.

There's a native DSD functionality but I could not really tell the difference when using that, at least not on my system.

I also like the fact that I can stream Qobuz from Technics through my Tablet or Phone (I don't think it specifies that but it works).

Anyone else have this unit? What are your thoughts?






I don't have one YET, but it is on my list to replace my Oppo 105 with modified power supply that I bought specifically to play SACDs. A couple things...

XLR sounds much better with my 105, and likely will with yours, BUT, you need a true balanced preamp and amp


SACDs are more open (reduced noise) and therefor played louder. Try that and you might hear a much bigger difference vs rca




Not sure what you mean?

I shouldn't compare SACD to DSD playback of the same track?

I think I it was a good test.


Yea, my DAC has XLR outputs by my amp doesn't have those inputs.

Perhaps if I upgrade one day, it may.

I switched to all true balanced decades ago. Im confident doing this will significantly improve your enjoyment