Bought the MJ Acoustics 150 MKII Sub

I just thought I'd share a quick review of this small sub. I own SVS and wanted a small musical sub to go with my recently ordered Merlin TSM-XMr's and Manley Stingray II. I heard that MJ was formed by ex REL people and I bought the 150 here on Audiogon in nearly new condition.
I'll cut to the point. The MJ is fast, perhaps faster than the REL and very tight and musical. It's also very easy to customize and adjust with the remote. MJ, rather insanely, claims a 13hz output, but I tested it and found it did so with very low output. Still, it did a solid job with great organ tracks and drums. But the real test for musicality is the reinforcement of orchestral passages and even some focal recordings. This is where lesser subs stand out like sore thumbs. The MJ...after a VERY easy setup, did a great job of adding weight without making a spectacle of itself. Then, just for kicks, I swapped out the huge SVS sub and let the tiny MJ 150 handle some serious bass from the blu-ray of Beowulf. Much to my surprise it did a great job, and perhaps a more realistic one, compared with the 3X bigger SVS.
Bottom line....great musical sub!

I will have to agree with you fully on your review. I bought a new MJ Reference 100mkII a few years ago to match my monitors in my music system, and I found it to be far more musical than other similar priced subs on the market that I have tried. Very clean and tight, and shows little to no colorations when blending it with my speakers. Are you using the RCA input or Speakon connector? I found the later blends much better with my system, and I built a much shorter "upgraded" DIY Speakon connector using solid core copper wire instead of the supplied, lower gauge, very long multistranded one that comes with the sub...the DIY one sounds far better!
For now I'm just using the RCA. I'm waiting for my Merlin TSM-XMr speakers to be delivered before I really start experimenting with the sub. I'm very impressed and now "get it" as to why people seek out a sub like this for music over some of the well regarded monster subs like the Fathom, which I also listened to.