Bought the 3 step Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solution

So it works great. A 25% improvement over just L'Art Du Son. Maybe more.

Who has the time to do this though? I mean everyone right now.... but I can't imagine once work starts up doing this to every old record I buy and also going back and re-cleaning my collection. That's a big time commitment. Maybe that Degritter isn't such a bad investment after all?
It does seem a little much, and I'm a dedicated record listener. 

The thought of such effort is enough for me to consider going to the dark side(digital)

Until I see that listing for the Audio Desk at the price I want to pay(which may come soon)I defer to my trusty spin clean.

I just buy clean looking albums- only do used. I can at least inspect before purchasing.

I'm not sold on the budget US solutions. I want to just want to drop a record in the box, cleaned/dried and ready to go.
I went through a similar process and while I think the AI products are very good and worked well on my records, since I bought the Degritter life is so much better. The process is quick, washes and dries, records come out very clean, and you can download software updates for the operating system.
Yeah I keep watching those Degritter videos and pulling out the credit card and then right before I put in the 3-digit security code, I freak out. I think with the AI attempt, I've gone as far as I can to prove that I need one. Of course it would help to know that the job I was going to start tomorrow is still happening when things get rolling again.
I used the AI three step for many years with my VPI 16.5 and three separate vacuum arms.  It worked really well.  I cleaned all albums one time when they were acquired.  It was a large commitment and the time involved was substantial with a rewarding outcome.  I did get to a point that I would have a stack of albums not yet able to be played...  Last January I bought a Degritter.  It does an excellent job in cleaning the albums, but I truly love the fact that I place the album into the machine, start it and walk away.  I return to lift the album out and place it into its new inner liner.  The Degritter is set up in a room next to my audio room so I can have it run while I’m listening.  I would never go back...