Bought some `Vintage Gear`

On a whim and a hunch, I bought some old gear locally. 

Marantz 500 Amp
Marantz 3300 preamp
JBL L200B Speakers

The gear is 46 years be old!!!

It sounds WAY better than I thought. I had a blast tonight. Played it for wife and kids (who think this hobby is rediculous) and they were super impressed.

Anyone every had a similar experience? 

Maybe bc will get a reel to reel next

I have recently acquired:

Marantz 1060 integrated with a Marantz 104 tuner. Warm and natural need new caps but still sounds lovely(not hifi-ish though)-- $350 for both

Sansui AU-217. Punchier than the marantz and more defined highs and better low grip. THE BEST $100 bucks I have ever spent. These 30 watts drive my 88db efficient towers with great authority. I am now a Sansui fan-boy.... 

Technics SL-1800 for my office. Smooth sound but not the last word in detail or dynamics, but after 35 or so years what can one expect. Does the job just fine for the office for $85..
...... And the System I put together for a friend: 

Marantz 1060 integrated, Marantz 104 tuner, Thorens 166 TT clad in all silver looks and sounds amazing.. Super musical, warm/lush whatever you want to call that sound signature. Sure it isn't Hifi, but when I listen to her system I forget about hifi and enjoy that 70's sound.. something magical and extremely musical about those 70's...
Been using a tube sansui 1000a everyday. It’s almost 60yrs old. I use some Altec model 19s and people can’t believe the sound. Good for you. Those jbl’s are awesome. Get them some better power and watch those really sing. 
Turntables.....I have bought a few and sold some over the years. One that I will not part with is a Pioneer PL-530 I bought new in the 70's when I first wanted to put together a decent system. Of the tables I've owned I still use the Pioneer as my main device. A few cartridge replacements down the road my ears can't hear "real" improvement in sound from the much more expensive tables. Our ears are the last word.
My rec room equipment is 35+ years old. I purchased it while stationed in Germany back in the early 80’s:
Teac X10R R2R
Technics SL-1600MKII turntable
Pioneer SPEC-4 power amp
Soundcraftsman SP-4001 EQ/pre amp
dbx 224 noise reduction unit
dbx 3bx dynamic range expander

About 20 years old
DCM TimeWindow 3 speakers (gave my 70’s vintage Bose 901’s to my god daughter and 80’s vintage JBL L100’s to my god son)

While my vintage gear sounds really good, it can’t match the clarity and detail of my recently purchased music room gear.