Bought some `Vintage Gear`

On a whim and a hunch, I bought some old gear locally. 

Marantz 500 Amp
Marantz 3300 preamp
JBL L200B Speakers

The gear is 46 years be old!!!

It sounds WAY better than I thought. I had a blast tonight. Played it for wife and kids (who think this hobby is rediculous) and they were super impressed.

Anyone every had a similar experience? 

Maybe bc will get a reel to reel next


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Damn, I love this talk of vintage gear. I still have and use a Technics SL1900b TT I bought new in '76 and a Shure V15 typeIIIG cart and several (Jelco) needles for the cart. My office rig isn't '70s gear but '80s vintage Carver. The 'old' stuff still rocks.