Bought some `Vintage Gear`

On a whim and a hunch, I bought some old gear locally. 

Marantz 500 Amp
Marantz 3300 preamp
JBL L200B Speakers

The gear is 46 years be old!!!

It sounds WAY better than I thought. I had a blast tonight. Played it for wife and kids (who think this hobby is rediculous) and they were super impressed.

Anyone every had a similar experience? 

Maybe bc will get a reel to reel next


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1. I had McIntosh MC30 from 50x. It exchanged Plinius 8200 in my system. No comparison  MC30 was other level of tone, natural organic sound and musicality. 30 watt McIntosh controlled bass and had bigger sound than 175 watt Plinius.
2.  Lenco L78 turntable exchanged Nottingham Analog Spacedeck.
Lenco has much better PRAT, bass. After that I will never go back to belt drive turntables. They make rhythm and pace messy and kill music, especially classical and jazz music with a fine rhythm sense. 
3. I bought Altec 604E speakers (from 60x) in 2005 and I have been using them until now. I had Spendor 2/3 that I liked. But Altecs are different league (even with original crossovers). The sound has volume, and body, it envelops a listener. Musical instruments have a real size, dynamic, tone.
4. I also have EMT948 turntable made around 1990. It exchanged Lenco in my system 8 years ago.

When I used a modern stuff I was changing everything very often. I bought and sold my audio gear every year and lost a lot of money.
Now I can enjoy vintage components for many years.