Bought, Sold, Rebought,Sold Bought again.

I am notorious for buying a piece of equipment,selling it for one reason or another, and after a few years pass I get the urge to purchase that same component again. I don't know if it is because I regreted letting it go, found it at a better price than I originally paid, or for nostalgic reasons. I've done this numerous times, most recently with the Sonographe SA-250, and the Superphon Revelation preamp. Anyone else experience this, thanks for contributing.
No, never.

"Now how do I operate this new one, honey?"

i have the habit of buying a piece that i already have and enjoy. usually more the older power amps. how many is too many? kurt
Yup, that fits me perfectly. I bought an audio refinement complete four times. It took me a while to realize it's value to me. Also, I bought a pair of Paradigm studio 20's twice. And also a pair of Revel M20's twice. You would think I'd learn after the first time...
I have done the same many times. Re-bought an AZ WOW( didn't break in enough the first time) Re-bought an Audio Refinement Complete,( same reason as S7horton)By the way Seth, the Audio Refinement is so good that it is very finicky with power cords. Which one are you using? I was having good results with a Shunyata Sidewinder Gold, but sold it and recently bought a Chris VH Flavor 2 cryo'd w/ Furutech connectors and it is a spectacular combination. Very synergistic match that gives a wonderfully musical presentation. Also, I highly recommend if you are using a CD player, buy a pair of MAS Black interconnects,( the Grey was a little too lean for the ARC). They are on auction now for a mere $45.00 and you won't believe the naturalness and ease that the music flows through them. The entire musical spectrum has an ease and delicacy that is hard to believe for such an inexpensive interconnect.And last but not least, the soundstage will amaze you.I know this sounds like a commercial and I'll tell you up front that I am "only" a satisfied customer of MAS. The owner, Stu, is a great guy to deal with and will respond to your e-mails faster than lightning. He has something like 3 or 4 terminals throughout his house.I have tried many, many interconnects, and this skinny, little $45.00 interconnect has blown away many $500.00+ interconnects in my system. The ARC integrated also likes this little MAS Black.I'm going to buy a few more of the Blacks to put in my bedroom system.
Wadia 27's 3rd one now, modified Sony SCD 1 just couldn't match the midrange of the Wadia, the audio aero capital 2 was a couple hairs closer but still can't match a 27ix. And XLO wires they are just so good.

I bought, sold, rebought, sold the following:

Sony STR-DB930 Found the replacement to be no better for more dollars

Monarchy Audio SM-70 amps/pr Great value, regretted selling

B&K AVR202 bought, returned to dealer. Rebought when price dropped $1000, still didn't like it, sold again


I understand both of the Cody's re-purchases. Both those pieces were great overachivers, and relatively inexpensive.

If & when I re-purchase, it will be one of 3 things: a Pathos Twin Towers, a 47 Lab's Gaincard, or an Onkyo T-9090 Mk II tuner w/remote.

Unless they have new products out that are even better :-)
Interesting thread, but isn't this the Music Forum?
Let's see now,......

I've owned the Classe CAP-100 3 times....the Magnepan 1.6 3 times, Wireworld Gold Eclipse III 2 times, Nakamichi SR-3a 3 times(perhaps the best bedroom/office/2nd system unit ever), and that's just off the top of my head. Do I qualify for inclusion in this club?
Yes, Whatjd, you definitely belong in this Audioholics Anonymous thread.It takes a lot of willpower to admit what you have. Thanks for sharing.
Sony dvp9000es. Had three so far. Anybody want to buy this one?
I would love to hear the reasons why you all re-bought the same unit more than once.
Gee, I thought this was only a Quad ESL phenomon.
because it's just so damn good
I had owned Dynaudio Confidence 5 so many times that I lost count. It's so additictive I still want to buy another pair back some day. If you have never done it (bought, sold, rebought, sold, bought again), you are lying. Who eats his favorite food only once?